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Dartforce Electronic board

  • 1 to 16 players or 2 to 8 teams
  • Tournament regular size (double and triple 2-hole sections)
  • 41 possible games and 140 variations!
  • Cyber-Match against your computer with 5 levels of difficulty
  • Size: 61x52x5
  • Power: 220v

Advanced electronic scoreboard. Led display with "cricket" function. Adjustable sound effects and key locking.

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164,90 €

-25,00 €

189,90 €



DARTFORCE is a high-level electronicboard for all players, from the most demanding to the lonely. The CRICKET feature is key to training and thanks to the spacious led cricket display and 4 scoreboards will make everything easier and more fun. This is a board darts suitable for lone players who are approaching this fantastic sport for the first time, thanks to the CYBERMATCH feature with 5 difficulty levels you can challenge the computer when you want and improve your skill every day.

But what is the peculiarity that makes this electronic board unique?

The Woody Line is not found in all electronic dartsboards,it is an extra sector outside the industry of the double, this area if hit will score 0.

This simple but convenient feature will save you time.

Why choose the DARTFORCE electronic board?

If you are looking for a board electronic darts are in the right place, Bull's Darts has always offered its customers a practical and quality solution.

DARTFORCE is an electronicboard for soft darts with numerous features that make it one of the best electronic dartsboards of the German manufacturer.

For Bull's Darts, an electronicboard must offer the darts player what it takes to have fun with friends and train with ease for as long as possible.

What are the main features of this electronic board?

  • Up to 16 players can be played
  • In line with the regulatory size of theboards for double and triple sections of 2 holes
  • It has 41 games and 140 variants
  • And if you don't know against whom to play darts this board has the Cybermatch function against the computer with 5 difficulty levels


Reviews (4)

Da MirkoErika G il 2020-04-02
Text: Ottimo! Complimenti! E sopratutto un servizio di risposta celere e in due giorni in 48h a casa mia !!!! Spettacolo !! Grazie mille!
Solido e divertente! Mio nipote contentissimo
Da Gianni C il 2020-02-03
Text: Trovo che le frecce faticano ad attaccare, spesso rimbalzano... Venditore affidabile
Da Matteo C il 2020-01-08
Text: Bersaglio veramente di buona qualità.
VelocissimI ed efficienti per spedizione e risposta a richiesta info.
Stra consogliato
Da Diego E il 2019-03-28
Text: Buon bersaglio... pro: solido e divertente.....
Contro: voce non disattivabile e al minimo e' cmq troppo alto il volume... troppo rumoroso (per me) il rumore d'impatto delle frecce il toc delle frecce contro il bersaglio diciamo
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