Board Focus II tournament darts

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Focus II Tournament board

  • Directly derived from the famous Advantage
  • Tournament Regulatory Size
  • Staples-free threads in the board area
  • Wire diameter 0.6mm.
  • 60% fine fine than normal spiders
  • Made with Grade A African sisal
  • Size: 45.7x3.5
  • Included standard fixing support

The Focus II tournament darts board features a 0.6mm "Blade" bladed wire spider "free prints" so you don't have the uncomfortable staples in the boardarea. This makes it the board with the thinnest spider on the market! A quality alternative for the demanding player.

Dart board has regular tournament sizes in natural sisal and can also be used with darts soft!!

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59,00 €



How to hang the board darts to the wall

The dartboard must be hung at a ground height of 173 cm; The measure must be taken from the centre of the board.

The board should be hung with the 20 upwards.

Electronic boards are fixed through screws and tiles in the wall, the classic boards hang or are fixed through specific installation kits. A standard fastener is included in the board.

How far to place the firing line from the board darts

The firing line must be positioned at a distance of 237 cm compared to the board for darts.

The measurement must be taken from the front face of the board darts.

What to use as a firing line

As a firing line for the correct use of the board darts you can use a colored duct tape or a lath.

Bull's offers in its catalog 2 firing lines, a base and a pro with cleats and Bull'sbrands.


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Da Daniele B il 2018-06-23
Text: Super
Da Elisa M il 2017-12-25
Text: Regalo azzeccatissimo!!! Mio marito ne era entusiasto!!!!
Da Claudia A il 2017-12-24
Text: Eccellente!
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