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Want to know the value of darts?

If you have already read the other pages you will already know that it is much more important to choose the right darts set based on the characteristics of your shot and dart, without thinking about the price. But the cost of darts is also a particularly interesting detail.

Why are some darts cheap and some so cheap?

The darts cost ranges from 15 euros to over 100 euros based on quality and technology, but even the signature wants its share.

What is the best material?

Tungsten darts are the best choice to date for several reasons. But nickel darts are also worth considering.

1) Unlike other materials, tungsten is denser, so a steel dart will be larger despite having the same weight characteristics. So if you see why an 80% tungsten dart costs less than 90% the main reason is the size in relation to weight. This particular feature will help you avoid bounce out issues and will help you in grouped shots.

2) The tungsten darts are more durable,nobler and have a grip that will last longer.

3) - Most samples use tungsten darts for the reasons listed above. Of course a set of champions darts is worth more because personalized according to the demands of the professionals.

Now that you know enough you can all choose the dart that's right for you... contact us by phone, email or live chat, we will answer your questions to choose theright dart for you.