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The boards darts are divided into boards darts in sisal or "bristolboards" for the game with steeldarts, with metal tip, and in electronic dartsboards for plastic darts soft tips.

Both boards darts have in common appearance. They are divided into 20 sectors, with a score of 1 to 20, which form wedges with a special section called bull in the middle.

Then there are two rings that cross the board darts and that, by intersecting the numbered sectors, create the double and triple sectors. The outermost ring creates the sectors of double, where the score has doubled, while the innermost one the sectors of the triple, where the score of the wedge is multiplied by 3.

For example, the double ring of 20 will be worth 40 points while the triple sector, the always desired triple twenty, will be worth 60 points. The centre of the board is also divided into two areas. The outermost one, called Bull or Onion, is worth 25 points while the inside one, or Bull's Eye, is worth 50 points.

bersaglio freccette

Boards darts with steel tips – steel Dart

The best boards are made from sisal fibers (a fatty plant of African origin) woven and glued.

The advantage of boards in sisal is that they are very durable as the fibers open to accommodate the tip of the dart and then recompact once extracted. This allows the board to remain efficient for a long time, especially when used as a fun home pastime.

One trick to prolong the life of a good board is to rotate the crown indicating the numbers in order to take advantage of the least used sectors. This is obviously only possible with good quality boards, where the crown of numbers is repositionable and separated from the spider, the network that divides the various sectors of the board such as the matchplay board of Bull's Darts

Always remember to make sure that the sector of the 20 is black, all the regulations of the darts game say so.

Some boards in particularly valuable sisal such as the bull's Darts board Classic allow you to play with soft tip darts that mount a good quality plastic tip.

Board electronic darts for plastic tips - soft Dart

As mentioned the advantage of electronic boards is that they come with a computer that can calculate the score of your challenges and allow you to play a large variant of games by challenging your friends or computer.

Electronic boards are similar to boards in sisal but, instead of fibres, the sectors are made up of thousands of small holes where the plastic tips will fit in soft tip.

The most modern electronic boards allow you to keep the score of various games and also to show the match scores of the "Cricket" variant such as the Electronic Flash board of Bull's Darts

Why is this the numbering of electronic boards?

It seems that the numbering dates back to the end of the 1800s and is intended to reduce "lucky" pitches. To do this, each sector with a higher "value" i.e. with a value greater than 12 is flanked by sectors with a value of less than 12 so as to penalize an incorrect shot. So aiming for the 20 you risk hitting the 5 or 1 in case of an error so the damage will be greater.