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What is the ideal dart weight?

Dart weight is a key feature, do not be bewitched by a beautiful dart without taking into account the weight of the body.

The most equipped darts shops have scales inside to weigh darts. You may be wondering why or maybe you already know it, we weigh the darts because we want the best for our customers, the dart sets to reach a high quality level must have the three darts inside with as much weight as possible.

Finding the ideal weight is essential, most darts you find in online dart shops range from 16 to 20 grams, it's a weight range that satisfies most players.

The only way to understand if the dart is of the right weight is to pick it up and throw it,there are solutions to make up for a purchase from the wrong weight, one of these is the insert gains weight darts.

This insert gains dart weight applied to the end of the body before shafts and increases the overall weight of the dart by as much as 2 grams.

We also remind you that you intend to participate in any FEDI event the regulation only accepts darts weighing up to 21g, a maximum of 19cm and soft tips for boards electroncies.

Inside our store you can find steel darts and darts soft of different weights.