Flights Super True .125 - flight Plus - Black View Enlarged

Flights Super True .125 - flight Plus - Black - Rigid Plastic

6,40 €


The set includes 3 professional large professionalflights made of hard plastic with a fixed angle at 90 degrees

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6,40 €



Plus39,614 cm2The original shape Unicorn best known and used in the world, ideal for all types of players.
BIG WING, NEW100047,658 cm2This broad flight will give you even more stability. is 13% larger than the Plus, currently the most used among top players.
BIG WING XL47,658 cm2The largestflight ever, ensures maximum stability in flight.
Slim32,846 cm2The lighterflight for light darts, particularly suitable for darts soft, is used by the majority of Pro players sponsored Unicorn.
DXM function26,585 cm2Recommended for professional players this flight ensures maximum visibility of the board and the ability to group arrows more easily.
Xtra36,323 cm2For more accurate players, this flight will help you group darts better.
Shield34,979 cm2The balance between stability and size, you will group the arrows without losing control.
FIN, NEW1038.765For players who are growing, they are the first step in grouping darts together.

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