Mamba 97

The "Mamba 97" is a professional steel dart made with the highest technology available in the professional darts industry.

Made with 97% fine Tungsten and made aggressive by the Titanium Black coating, it provides perfect grip and total control over the dart.

The "Mamba 97" professional dart is emblazoned with the laser-engraved Bull's logo and the "Mamba 97" brand.

Inside the "Bull's Cone" box the professional darts "Mamba 97" with the shafts BULL'S Simplex Alu and the flights BULL'S Design Power Flite®.

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  • 59,90 €

    Exclusive 97% Tungsten body with Black-Titanium finishCone BULL'S packBULL'S Simplex shafts in black aluminumBULL'S Design Power Flite®At the forefront of the technique, thanks to the purity of the Tungsten and the Finish Black Titanium guarantee a perfect and durable grip for the best control of the dart. Available with 3 different bodies. Exclusive 97% Tungsten body with...

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